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Reconnect with your soul's essence and find yourself.

Leila Hassan: Intuitive Energy Healer & Holistic Life Coach, guiding you on a journey of transformation.

Embark on a transformative journey with Leila Hassan, an esteemed Intuitive Energy Healer and Holistic Life Coach, as she invites you to reconnect with the very essence of your soul. In a world that often pulls us in countless directions, Leila's compassionate guidance offers a pathway back to self-discovery and inner harmony.
Leila Hassan specializes in intuitive energy healing and holistic life coaching, creating a sacred space for individuals seeking profound transformation. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the intricate connections between mind, body, and spirit, Leila is committed to helping you navigate the complexities of life and rediscover the core of your being.


Whether you choose to "Schedule a Consultation" or "Discover Your Soul Gifts," Leila Hassan provides personalized sessions that illuminate the unique journey of your soul. Through intuitive insights, energy healing techniques, and holistic coaching, Leila empowers you to release blockages, uncover hidden potentials, and align with your authentic self.

Step into a realm of self-discovery and healing, where Leila's guidance becomes a catalyst for positive change. Reconnect with the wisdom within and embark on a soulful journey toward self-realization. Schedule a consultation today and allow Leila Hassan to be your companion on the path to discovering your soul's gifts and unlocking the truest version of yourself.

Empower Yourself
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About Leila and her journey

Moving You Forward

My Journey triggered by a situation, which at the time felt greatly challenging, I found myself redirected to connect the dots of my own personal journey. Whilst visiting a retreat in Bali, I started to read the path of self-reflection and spiritual healing. I felt awakened to my inner guidance and reconnecting to my intuition, a gift we all have, yet are reluctant to tap into. This eventually inspired me to complete my training at the Reconnective Academy international in Croatia, where I became a certified Reconnective healing practitioner. For those of you wondering Reconnective Healing Energy (RHE) is a form of healing that is a return to an optimal state of balance. It results from interacting with its fully comprehensive spectrum of frequencies consisting of energy, light and information. In Essence, it helps restore a feeling of wholeness. The past four years for me have entailed a growing momentum of introspection which has been strengthened through my daily practices of meditation and yoga. I believe that as our story evolves, so does our purpose. The more I embrace my path of self-discovery, the more connected I felt to my higher self and the more I felt disconnected to the outside world.

Instead, I found myself intuitively gravitating towards wellness and using energy as source of healing, something that felt inherent to me as child. With practices such as reiki, my innate ability to sense and connect to other energies heightened with confidence and trust. 
My intuitive coach Cora Darlington whom I have come to cherish as a trusted soul sister, has been an essential guidance on my awakened path and being surrounded by a community of empowering women has nurtured me to embody my true authentic self in so many beautiful ways 
As every experience has the ability to nurture us for the better, my practices and support have helped me to home in on my RHE. They are the catalyst that have helped me unearth my purpose and inspire founding my healing and holistic coaching business.

How can I help you. My personal experience of overcoming my inner child healings and limiting beliefs and finding my own self with the help of using holistic coaching and mindful tools as well as  reconnective healing energy it has completely transformed my mind and body and spirit and I would like to do the same for you and help you find yourself and guide you in creating new beliefs and habits that meet your current needs and lead you to a more happy and fulfilled life.

About Reconnective healing energy and my experience 
My personal experience of receiving the RHE completely transformed my mind and body after my first session I was left feeling peaceful, ease, clarity, and most of all oneness. It was as though I was meeting my true being for the first time. The effects of this session have remained with me since, enabling me to tap into a higher state of being, a gift that you can truly experience too.

Leila’s experience with Reconnective healing energy and its transformation 

RHE transcends traditional healing techniques. And methods. As a Practitioner I facilitate healing by allowing the energies to come through me and connect with your energy filed. As the healing frequencies connect to the body’s energy filed , the healing can happen almost instantaneously, the frequencies goes where it’s needed the most and sometimes bringing in forth the healings that is meant for us by the universe, other times you will receive the healings that you manifested , you will feel a shift and a transformation taking place, sometimes immediately, or after a few days however it does depend on the individuals awareness I believe  that when you open your mind and body to connect with the universe, you open yourself up to the healing that is meant for you. The Power of the RH frequencies intuitively connect in ways that inspire your body to return to the optimal balance 


Empower Yourself


Experienced Life Coach

Transformative Healing: Illustrate how Leila's work can alleviate emotional pain, physical ailments, and spiritual confusion.

Empowerment & Purpose: Highlight how finding yourself and soul's gifts and aligning with your divine purpose leads to a fulfilling life.

Inner Peace & Love: Emphasize the profound healing and connection that comes from reconnecting with your soul's essence.

Oneness & Community: Promote the message of global peace and harmony through spreading soul love and light.

Our Services


Holistic Coaching:

Guide clients through the process of rediscovering themselves and achieve their goals.


Intuitive Energy Healing:

Explain how Leila helps clear energetic blockages, release past wounds, and restore balance.


Light Language Activation:

Describe the transformative power of receiving and interpreting Light Language transmissions.


Inner Child Healing:

Offer support in healing past traumas and nurturing self-love and acceptance.


Soul Purpose Discovery:

Develop personalized action plans to align with soul wisdom and manifest dreams.


Mindful meditations :

Assist clients in cultivating a regular meditation practice to enhance mental clarity, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being.

Our Clients Say

"I had a wonderful experience in consulting with leila on Holistic Coaching"

Robert Rosewell, Product Designer

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